Video Production

Consumers make purchases based on emotions, and as compared to text, video evokes emotions a lot more.

Video production as a marketing tool should be considered essential now. We have the experience and expertise to produce stunning high quality content, to help your brand stand-out, in the ever more super saturated and busy world that is the fast moving user experience online.

It was undoubtedly Sam’s efforts that produced a very successful campaign for us. We will definitely use his services again in any future TV campaigns. On a personal note I found Sam very agreaable to deal with.

– James McKeown, Partner, Maidenhead Aquatics


MediaHabit are a full-service video production company operating all over England. We undertake video projects of almost every scale and genre. We work with a team of dedicated writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers with the capability to handle many aspects of video production from concept formulation to delivery. We treat all projects with utmost professionalism regardless of budget or scope.

Using all the latest equipment is one thing, but having the artistic touch and also the technical know how to make the most of it is another. We are fully qualified and insured to use aerial filming or “drones” as they are commonly known, to add that cinematic and dramatic feel to your finished video.

With social media, you now have as little as 2 seconds to catch the consumer / users attention whilst they are scrolling through their “feed” so your video needs to say it loud from the very start! We can help by combining exceptional visuals with distinctive and attention grabbing graphics to engage people instantly.



By being involved from the very start, from initial concept, through the production process and right through to delivery of the finished video, we steer and guide you to avoid the common pitfalls and avoid making bland dated content with no place in a world that over 80 percent of video is watched on mobile devices and also mostly whilst on the move!

Use our creativity to produce your content, we want to excite and inform the world about your brand as much as you do!


Our Pre-production stage is of critical importance to us. This stage sets the context and content for the video shoot. Careful planning of scenes, footage length and staff allow us to have an efficient set and a clear plan to work within budget parameters. This allows us to go to a shoot and capture the footage clients need without missing crucial shots and scenes.



MediaHabit has vast expertise in video production, meaning that we are client focused and always looking to provide ROI and good value for money. Whether in a studio or on location, producing a feature film or taking aerial footage we are committed to producing the best quality footage we can. Our experience takes particularly into account risk assessments, health and safety and environmental concerns, allowing the client to relax in the knowledge of being guided by a safe pair of hands.



MediaHabit’s post production services will ensure that your final video is professional and artistic. Our investment in the latest technology, cutting-edge techniques implemented by our crew and our post-production capabilities are rivaled by few in our industry . Fluidity throughout the video is essential to keeping the viewer interested. The talent required here makes or breaks a video. Other tools in post production include the use of sound overs, 2D and 3D animation and CGI effects.



Along with all of our video services MediaHabit can handle all your delivery and distribution needs. We can deliver your video in a whole host of formats and arrange for packaging and design. We also work with clients to ensure that the timing of the video release is achieved within their campaign strategy.


Video Services

MediaHabit is both a digital marketing agency and video production company rolled into one. We believe this gives us a USP in the understanding of who, what and where the video is intended for. We can produce many video production projects spanning across different industries products and services. We produce the following types of videos.

    A reliable and proven method with a vast reach. Branding videos have become part of our life that can create long lasting affiliations with your brand. A brand is your “Corporate Personality” and what better way to communicate that than the medium of video. videos will capture your brand’s personality, define your identity and provide you with the clients you need.
    Explainer videos come into their own for introducing customers to new products or services. Clients can communicate with their clients the USP’s, features and roles that products or services offer. Whilst sometimes short these explainer videos will enable you to communicate with your clients about a product, service or process in a brief but educating and entertaining manner. These videos often combine lively visuals, purposeful dialect, animation and stunning graphical effects, giving the customer a memorable experience.
    Looking at any popular video platform these days will demonstrate the rise and popularity of the educational video. To the point, easy to access and more entertaining than a book, educational videos are a fantastic medium for teaching your audience and demonstrating your abilities. Huge audiences can be reached using educational videos and therefore they warrant the investment of skilled technicians and artistic flair that MediaHabit can bring to the video.
    Product demo videos can visualise your product or service to your clients. This will give the customer a greater emotional relationship with your product and service. Product demo videos can show the ability of a product or service and demonstrate it in the most beneficial purpose. Engaging, exciting and entertaining videos are the key to success and MediaHabit have the creativity to deliver.
    Many Trade shows stand are not complete without trade show videos playing. Engaging passing traffic is a must to make your trade show stand work. Stand out motion graphics and clear visuals will help draw your audience in. These videos can also be used time and time again. Making it a worthwhile investment and adding to your ROI.
    Our Drone footage gives unrivalled aerial scenes of landscapes, properties, events and much more. We are CAA registered and fully insured. Crystal clear aerial videos really give a beautiful impression and a big wow factor. Cost effective and with a rapid turnaround time these videos have a so many advantages.
    A proven interaction tool, Social & Web Videos is by far the greatest medium to engage with your audience on the web and social media. Social & Web videos have a few secrets key to making your audience pay attention. Our experience allows for quick, informative and creative videos that will engage within the short period that viewers will pay attention for.
    Training videos are the new stay at home courses or in class tutor-less teaching medium. There are no missed criteria, the script can be edited many times before being released, graphics, charts modelling and animation can help to relay your teaching in a clear and practical manner. Cost effective they can have the benefit of reducing staffing costs and the ability to reach huge audiences.
    Motion graphics videos can fit a bring so much more to your video. Whether 2D or 3D graphics they can offer a medium that can evoke many different emotions and therefore complement your brand values precisely.


Give one of our creative professionals a call on 01306 730353 or complete the contact form below to let us explain how we can help your business.

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