Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Guessing doesn’t cut it - testing does.

Everything in a campaign should assist conversion. If it doesn’t it shouldn’t be there. But ‘conversion” has become a buzzword. And like most buzzwords, people have stopped asking what it actually means. For instance, what does conversion mean to you? After all, it’s easy to increase conversion rates by slashing your prices in half. But your business wouldn’t be around long enough for you to guzzle the champagne you’d just mistakenly popped.

At Mediahabit we understand that for most of us conversion is a journey. Journeys have great viewing stations (i.e. micro conversions) dotted along the route to the destination – the macro conversion – the Big One – the decision to accept your offer and become your client.


Although the primary focus for increasing conversions is usually a client’s website, the proliferation of ads and video on social media means that conversion has grown in volume and importance on those platforms too. Sometimes life is sweet, and even our first technical analysis of a client’s business might yield a bunch of  ‘low hanging fruit’ – some browsers which are not working properly or your site not loading on mobile devices. This can offer some startlingly quick returns. However, a solution doesn’t always present itself so readily. Step one is to see exactly where you are now: we do this by researching the data that’s provided through the current state of analytics. It may not sound exciting, but it is very important. Once upon a time we were astonished to see website and social analytics set up incorrectly, even in companies with an otherwise professional setup. By now we’ve seen it so often that the astonishment has totally worn off.

  • Did you know

    Conversion rates increase when your goals and your users’ goals meet.