About us


We get it right from the very start

Whoever said that life was simple did not live in a digital world. Creating, managing and analyzing a multi platform campaign is at best demanding, and at worst overwhelming.

Mediahabit loves multi platform campaigns so that you don’t have to. Soon you will love them too.

Talking is great, but that’s just the beginning. Without genuine understanding, talk is just, as the cliché says, hot air. At Mediahabit we ask the questions and let you do the talking. We listen to what you say, then listen some more and keep on listening until we understand. That is how we get to choose which media platforms  are the best fit for your business, use them in the most effective way, and then analyze the results….again and again and again.


    We know that every business is as distinct as the people who run it and the community that it serves. Respecting, understanding and acting upon that fact means we are uniquely placed to assist you in achieving your goals and maximizing your ROI.


Team of creative professionals

  • James Taylor

    Head of Operations

  • Jarred Abrahams

    Head of Digital

  • Oliver Court

    Head of Web Development

  • Sam Buckle

    Head of Video Production

  • Harley Greenwood

    Social Media Executive


Clients we have worked with

Here are a collection of some of the clients who we have worked with.